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Ferret Home Multi Level
Price: AU$89.25

Dog Diaper
~ Simple Solution
Price: From AU$44.90
X-Small MICROFIBRE AU$44.90 
Small MICROFIBRE AU$49.90 
Medium MICROFIBRE AU$53.90 
Large MICROFIBRE AU$56.90 
X-Large MICROFIBRE AU$59.90 


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For pets experiencing:-

  • Excitable urination
  • Pets with incontinence
  • Female pets in season
  • Puppies not yet quite housebroken.

    For light seasonal flow or minor excitable urination the garments may be used alone. For heavy seasonal flow or more serious cases or urination, simply attach a Diaper Garment Pad to product's built-in mesh liner. Machine washable on gentle cycle. Hang to dry.  


  • Moisture-wicking inner lining protects skin and coat
  • Super-absorbent microfibre pad
  • Soft, breathable stretch fabric outer
  • Plastic liner for leak protection
  • Repositionable tabs for a secure fit
  • Colour - Aqua Blue
    Before use, wash wrap for optimum performance. The more you wash it, the softer and more absorbent it becomes. Easy to wash and dry. Attach the adjustable strips to prevent snagging and wash the wrap separately in warm water on gentle cycle and line dry.
    To use, slip your pet's tail through the hole and position the diaper between her back legs so that it is snug against her underbelly. Adjust the diaper wings up towards her back and position for a secure fit.

    55% Polyester
    40% Cotton
    3% Spandex
    2% Nylon

    For male dogs, use the next larger size or try the Simple Solution Washable Male Wrap.

    X-Small - 2kg to 4kg
    Waist Measurement 22cm to 35cm
    Small - 4kg to 7kg
    Waist Measurement 30 to 48cm
    Medium - 7kg to 16kg
    Waist Measurement 38 to 58cm
    Large - 16kg to 25kg
    Waist Measurement 45 to 68cm
    X-Large - 25 to 40kg
    Waist Measurement 56 to 89cm

    Click on the image above for more detail.

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    Product Reviews
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    Dog Diaper
    Linda NSW  20/06/2013
    This is a very good idea for the dog that is on heat. She sits on a chair outside for me to put the diaper on her then she comes inside. It only took her 1 day to get used to it.

    Doggie Diaper
    Cassie Qld Australia  3/02/2010
    Is the perfect protection from stains when my girl is on heat!!! Just remove when you take them to the toilet. Used the diaper for the second heat season now, just adhere the ''Dog Diaper Pad'' and wash the diaper in the washing machine when required. Love it!!! She doesn''t seem to mind it at all.

    Great For Female Dogs On Heat
    Shelly WA  29/05/2008
    My girl was on heat for three weeks and this took all the mess out of the situation. She wasn''t bothered by it at all. Great idea!!

    I highly recommend this - my dog loves it!
    Maria QLD  12/04/2007
    My puppy had her first heat, and as she's a little maltese who is an indoor pet - the diaper was excellent! Easy to take off when she went outside to do her business. It's like she's not on heat at all. I love it!

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