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Calm Medication Drops
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Dog Choker Chain Collar German
~ Herm Sprenger
Price: From AU$17.80
Light 30cm AU$17.80 
Medium 40cm AU$16.80 
Medium 50cm AU$18.50 (Temp Unavailable)
Medium 55cm AU$21.30 (Temp Unavailable)
Medium 60cm AU$22.80 
Medium/Heavy 40cm AU$17.80 
Medium/Heavy 50cm AU$18.60 (Temp Unavailable)
Medium/Heavy 60cm AU$22.50 (Temp Unavailable)
Heavy 60cm AU$23.20 
Heavy 70cm AU$27.00 (Temp Unavailable)


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Sprenger choke chains are manufactured in Germany and are made of chrome plated steel. The tight link design gives them smooth action and quick release. They are the best value in a quality chain available anywhere.

The sophisticated production techniques, consistent quality control, superb craftmanship and the highest quality of materials makes these Herman Sprenger choke chains a favorite of trainers worldwide. Used for training your dog, it is not recommended as an everyday collar and should be used under supervision to avoid the chance of choking or strangulation. Best used during training sessions only.

A properly fitted choke chain is extremely important in training your dog. Measure your dog’s neck and add 5 centimetres (2 inches) to this measurement. This is the length of the chain you will need for your dog. A snug fit over the head is OK, because most K-9 breeds have a head larger than the neck.

Light - 1.5mm
Medium - 2.0mm
Medium/Heavy - 2.5mm
Heavy - 3.0mm

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Choker Chain
Clare NSW Australia  3/07/2009
We went by the size reccommendations and found that measuring dogs neck and adding 5cm to get perfect fit was wrong for our breed of Dog - Boxer, there was no check left in the chain once it was on and it wasnt pleasant for the dog when we tried to put it over its head.

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