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Kong Toy Puppy Large
~ Kong Toys
Price: AU$17.95

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The Puppy Kong is an essential tool to ensure that puppies grow into healthy, well-adjusted adults. The design, size and unique new rubber teething formula provide all the benefits a growing puppy needs.
Why Buy a Kong?
Kongs are widely used for therapy and prevention of boredom, separation anxiety, and other behavioral issues. Regular use of Kongs can also improve oral health. Their unpredictable bounce lures most dogs into a game of chase, catch, and chew. The hollow centre can be filled with food and treats to keep dogs busy and deter bad behaviour. A dab of peanut butter spread around the inside is very effective.
Sizing: You may use the list below as a general guide for choosing a Kong for your dog:
  • Large 2-9 Months: Boxer, Collie, Akita, Doberman, Similar Mixed Breeds
    Dimensions: 10cm L x 7cm Diameter largest end.
    When buying a Kong for more than one dog, buy the size that suits the largest dog.
    Colours vary, unless specified when ordering.
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    Jenny Queensland  21/08/2006
    I have previously worked in a Pet Shop and this is a product I recommended many times.

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