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Pet Car Back Seat Cover Hammock
~ Bono Fido
Price: AU$42.00
Check Pattern AU$42.00 
Navy AU$42.00 


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Protect your car seats and your dog with this heavy-duty backseat hammock. The hammock fits in the back of your car and connects to the front and rear head rests to form a protective cradle for your dog. Quick stops won't sling your dog to the floor anymore and dirt and hair won't be a problem on your upholstery. Middle zipper allows you to accomodate a human backseat passenger.
  • Forms a hammock for a secure cradle for your pets
  • Keeps dirt and hair off of car upholstery
  • Made of tough, waterproof canvas material
  • Slits for seatbelts
  • Machine washable
    Dimensions: 140cm X 150cm

    Car must have front and rear headrests to attach the hammock.
    The rear headrests cannot be moulded bumps. They must be high enough and pointed enough for the back straps to encircle securely, if they are not standard headrests on adjustable metal poles.
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    Product Reviews
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    Carla QLD  5/06/2013
    I was really pleased with the quality and service. It fits my little Polo perfectly.

    Great value! Good product!
    IJH NSW Australia  29/07/2012
    This product is fabulous! As described, easy to clean, the check pattern makes it stylish. Has everything you would need for a car seat protector, plus creates a safe hammock style ''nest'' for your dog''s security and comfort. No more falling into the foot seet area of the back seat. A must have purchase.

    Pet Car Back Seat Hammock
    Gayle Tasmania  4/04/2012
    Absolutely thrilled with the quality of this product - far exceeded expectations. I purchased the checked design and it looks stylish as well as being functional. There is nothing that I have found that compares with price for quality. I love it - easy to set up in the car.Highly recommended.

    Pet Car Back Seat hammock
    Karen NSW  16/02/2012
    This was purchased recently as I was doing a long drive with my maltese cross worked beautifully, was delivered within 12 hours of ordering..a very worthwhile product, easy to use and clean!

    pet carseat cover
    Donna nsw  22/11/2011
    I would definately recommend this cover, it is of good quality, i even wash mine in the washing machine.( Not cheap like the ones in the shops that have plastic backing that rips) definately buy one

    Car seat cover
    Miriam NSW, Australia  26/08/2011
    Wonderful! Can''t speak highly enough of this product. Both dogs love it. And the Velcro openings are in the perfect position to feed through the harness strap to the seat belt.

    Exactly what we needed!
    Sarah NSW / Australia  30/04/2011
    We have 2 large dogs (Siberian Husky x Golden Retriever and German Shepherd x Bullmastiff) and although they can still stick their heads up (and their front legs)over the hammock and between the driver and front passenger to see what''s going on ahead they seem completely content in the safety and comfort of the back seat. It''s covered and protected the back seat perfectly (mazda 3)and has solved our backseat mess issue. Thank you very much!!

    great product
    Debbie South Australia  16/02/2011
    the hammock is very sturdy, it''s well made, but it will NOT fit onto rear bench seats with intergrated head rests E.G Ford FG model.I got a seatcover for the rear seat and drape the hammock from the front headrests to protect the back of the front seat and the carpet in the rear.

    good quality and value
    Clairsy Vic  16/02/2011
    Love it - great value, and good quality, nice sturdy canvas fabric that doesn''t look tacky in the car. Masaki the beagle X got soaked and muddy at the park and none of it seeped through onto our seats.

    back seat hammock
    Vicki NSW  1/12/2010
    very happy with the item I also have just purchased a new car for the first time and have a dog that loves the parks,beach water etc it is standing up to all of the above...

    Back Seat Cover Hammock
    Linda Vic  6/09/2010
    Great had an old cheapo and it only lasted six months clips kept on coming undone and so clad we found this one

    Best Hammock
    Susie VIC  12/08/2010
    This was the first car hammock I bought orriginally through ebay. It lasted for over 2 years of hard work. then I replaced it with another brand that only lasted a few months. I searched all over to find this product again. Love it

    Pet Car Back Seat Cover Hammock
    Joan Queensland  27/06/2010
    We are very happy with this product; seems durable and very easy to clean.

    Back Seat cover
    Lisa Victoria  21/06/2010
    Good sturdy quality for the price. Delivery time was extraordinarily quick!

    Car pet hammock
    Marion WA  18/06/2010
    Product is excellent, but surface is quite slippy and my dog slides around quite a bit. But very happy with quality and durability.

    Navy car seat hammock
    Laura QLD  15/04/2010
    Great value for money, material is good quality and it fits nicely in the back of the car. Its very easy to install and is great that it can still be used when someone wants to sit on the back seat

    Car seat protectors for dogs
    Beth NSW  30/03/2010
    This is the best I have purchased, the previous 2 I bought from stores were flimsy and tore, this is sturdy, & good quality so I bought another one in case I can''t get as good quality again!

    Pretty good - may be difficult to fit in some cars
    Jen Victoria  8/02/2010
    Overall very impressed with this product - especially for the price. Can be a little difficut to fit if backseat does not have distinct headrests (my Suburu & my partner''s Ford Laser have ''moulded'' / unadjustable headrests in backseat). Also very impressed with the speedy delivery!

    Nothing flash - but it does the job
    Jo NT  6/01/2010
    I bought this for the back seat in my X-Trail. I chose this over the other (more expensive) product purely because of the difference in price. It doesn''t fit the seat perfectly - the seat belt plug thingies can be a bit tricky to get in the right place and sometimes it can be a bit fiddly to get the seat cover to seat properly. It''s nothing flash, but it does the job. It keeps dirty dog paws off my car seat. It''s made of canvas so the dog can even get in when he''s a bit wet and I don''t have to worry about the seat at all.

    Great value
    Jules NSW  4/01/2010
    Just bought a new car (a Mazda 3) so needed something to cover the back seat and this was perfect. Keeps fur and sand away from the seat and my dog seems to be comfy too. Don''t see why you''d spend a couple of hundred on a backseat buddy, when this one works just fine.

    Carseat cover
    Diana South Australia  19/11/2009
    Very good and generous size. Good value for the price and excellent prompt service.

    Pet hammock
    Steph NSW Australia  3/07/2009
    A friend has one and as soon as I bought the car I ordered the hammock. Fits in quickly and easily and saves the seats from damage. Great idea and purchase.

    Jacquelynn NSW  31/05/2009
    These covers work really well, however if you own a large car like a territory and want a snug fit, they don''t fit. (This is due to the size of the territory).

    highly recommended
    Queenie Australia  21/11/2008
    I bought the backseat hammock because of the great reviews i have seen on this website and I am looking forward to using it this weekend! Another thing i wanted to say is how prompt they are with delivery. I ordered it on Wednesday evening and asked if i could have it by Friday, and yes, i have got it already!! would definitely shop with them again!

    Hammock Hapiness
    Wendy VICTORIA Australia  4/01/2008
    I am the proud owner of a brand new car. AND 2 SPOILT ROTTEN DOGS...The last thing they care about is my new interior. I put the hammock in (much to their disgust, they couldn't get into the front seat) Now, they think it is just the greatest thing. The love it & SO DO I. I could not bear to leave my dogs at home and thanks to you and your great service & products, I don't have to !!!!!!

    Pet Car Hammock
    Eilleen Queensland  17/12/2006
    Friends saw my hammock and since then I have ordered 'FOUR', two for dogs and the other two for new mother's who put it in the rear seat of their car before installing the baby seat. Quick to clean up and takes care of any messy vomiting/throwing that may occur. They are much better quality than others, easy to wash, dry and return to the car. Mine is always full of sand and sea water courtesy of my two dogs, and 18(?) months on still going strong.

    Pet Hammock
    Jean & Bob NSW  23/10/2006
    This is my second purchase of a pet hammock - the first was a very cheap and nasty one from another website, which lasted 2 trips before the stitching ripped. I've now had this one for 3 months and it still looks like new! Superior quality makes all the difference! Thank you for supplying only quality goods!!!!!

    Fabulous Idea
    Mary Jane vic  18/09/2006
    This is the best invention ever! We had problems with our dog always trying to get through between the front seats to sit with us in the front. This stops her and keeps her safely confined. Also stops her falling behind the front seats.

    Saved Our Seats
    Barbara QLD  15/06/2006
    We bought a new car and didn't want to ruin the backseat because our dog likes his beach trips. We found this hammock on your site and it's great. It keeps the sand and grit away from the real seat and provides a nice cradle to keep him from being flung to the floor and blocks him from slipping through the console to the front. We really loved the price, too!

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