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Dog Dental Finger Toothbrush 2pk
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Cat Pod Igloo
Price: AU$54.50

Pet Cage Collapsible
~ Bono Fido
Price: From AU$59.00
Small Black AU$59.00 
Medium Black AU$83.50 
Large Black Vein AU$115.00 
X-Large Black Vein AU$143.50 
XX-Large Black Vein AU$179.00 

Optional Easy Care Mat
Small AU$16.00 
Medium AU$22.00 
Large AU$33.00 
X-Large AU$44.00 
XX-Large AU$50.00 

Optional Crate Cover
Small AU$32.00 
Medium AU$38.00 
Large AU$48.00 
X-Large AU$58.00 
XX-Large AU$64.00 


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This crate is NOT airline approved.

Collapsible dog crate with secure front and side door. Locks in place for a very strong enclosure. When not in use, the dog crate folds away for easy transport or storage. This dog crate is an ideal way to keep your dog safe. Can be used in the home and for car travel. Also great for holidays and going to shows. This dog crate offers an effective way to housebreak puppies or to keep your pets secure when you're away from home. It also helps to keep your home and posessions safe from destructive puppies and dogs.
Two Doors Folds Flat
PLEASE NOTE: As indicated, some crate sizes are not black but black vein in colour.

  • Fully collapsible for easy take down and set up - no tools required (folds up suitcase style).
  • Front & side doors.
  • Quick set up.
  • Slide out bottom tray - easy to clean
  • Powder coated
  • Our Easy Care Mats or cosy Sleeper beds can be added as a soft bed lining for the bottom of the crate.
  • Crate Covers available for weather protection and security.

EasyCare Mat  Crate Cover

Size Guide Dimensions Recommended For:
Small 62cm x 45cm x 52cm H Toy Poodle, King Charles, Corgi, Scotties
Medium 76cm x 53cm x 60cm H Bull Terrier, Bulldog, Springer Spaniel, Cocker Spaniel
Large 90cm x 60cm x 67cm H Setter, Boxer, Labrador, Retriever, Pointer, Dalmation
X-Large 109cm x 72cm x 82cm H Weimaraner, Doberman, Rotweiller, Std. Poodle, Newfoundland, Large Retriever, Large Labrador, Boxer
XX-Large 120cm x 75cm x 83cm H Giant Breeds
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Product Reviews
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Collapsible crate
Phil Victoria  15/03/2013
This is an excellent product and is the bedroom for whoever gets to it first at bedtime. It provides maximum clear space for the dog to move around without being a cumbersome object in the sunroom. Our foxies took to it immediately but as both have claimed it for themself I will get another one so they have one each. The only thing that would improve it would be an option to have a left hand or right hand door opening. As the door is only needed when someone has been naughty (!) or when travelling, I have loosened the tags and take the door off when at home. The door still fits and locks as required. Having the door fitted and open does cause something of a nuisance when the crate is in the sunroom and the door is open. I will get covers for these and then everyone will sleep tight ever after.

Crate training
Isis Qld, Australia  27/07/2012
I used this cage to get my puppy used to living in a house with an older dog, after living in a kennel. She felt safe in the cage and would usually just go to sleep.

Dog crate
Pat Victoria, Australia  31/07/2011
Excellent value for money, the dog loves it and now he can''t chew the interior of the car!

Homey space for my pup
Frances Victoria/ Australia  14/07/2011
My pup loves this crate. I leave the door open for him to come in and out as he pleases and it sits in our laundry. We live in Regional Vic where it is colder those most and with the cover our pup is protected from wind and rain. I bought the x-tra large as he is a golden retriever and when older will need the room.

Pet Cage 62cm Collapsible
Tiffyan Cats Tasmania  6/04/2011
Generous size 24inch (62cm) cage. Ideal for cat shows. Light weight, quick and easy to assemble

Large portable cage
Judith NSW Australia  23/03/2011
I am very happy with the cage the two doors make it a lot easier when in the car. The handle makes it easy to carry when folded

Dog cage success
Audrey Victoria, Australia  14/01/2011
I have a nervous dog and she sometimes doesn''t cope with travelling well in the back of the ute on a chain. We purchased the medium cage for our keplie cross, and got her accustomed to it first at home. When it came time to use it in the back of the ute, she loved getting in it and she''s very relaxed for the duration of the trip.

Pet Cage
Barbara NSW Australia  30/11/2010
Excellent product. We have our doberman in it in the house on occasions. It is great and was very easy to set up. He is warm and comfortable.

Collapsible Crate
Deanna Victoria, Australia  14/10/2010
Purchased a small size for our new Jack Russel Puppy. Perfect size, easily assembled and great for toilet training and controlling our new puppy. Make from sturdy material. Delivery was swift and accurate.

Pet cage
Carolyn Victoria  11/10/2010
I have bought the pet cage and it is just the best!.He regards it as his own personal space, a refuge. He stays happily shut in at times.

Puppy crate
Viv Australia  27/05/2010
This crate has been a godsend, we can now leave our puppy at home alone briefly when we need to and know shes safe. She loves it too, gets in there on her own often. It was easy to assemble and is a good size for a chinese crested dog/puppy.

Pet Crate
Kate Victoria  25/05/2010
I purchased a large crate for my dog who has a broken leg and needs to be confined. Excellent product at a great price and very helpful advice from Janet and Adel. Thanks for all your help!

Very Pleased
CLAIRE QLD  6/05/2010
Bought the XL crate with easy care mat and cover, exceelent value for money, same products was $90 more in the local pet shop. Puppy loves it wont come out, has got his own den now. Godd quality items. Will be great for camping.

Dog Cage for a Bird
Helen NT Australia  5/02/2009
I actually bought this cage for my new pet Galah and it is pefect. It may not be what it was intended for, but my baby birds practically runs to it as his new home. We will be travelling with our bird Toohey when we next have a holiday.

Ray Vic  22/10/2008
We got the large size for our new Retriever pup - everything people say about cages has proven to be right. Especially useful for when we can''t supervise him during parts of the day (otherwise he''d be eating books, CDs etc). He''s still only 10 months old and needs the cage, but is now the same size as our older female, so we are upgrading to a larger size. A small expense for the security and training benefits. Great service from Pet Wares Plus sales, by the way.

Collapsible cage
Sid NSW  2/10/2008
After the initial intrduction to the cage, our dog loves it and seems to sleep better as, I think, she feels secure in her own little space AND she loves it when travelling in the car.

Pet Cage
May South Australia  23/01/2008
The cage was the best thing when my dog had his leg operated on. it enabled me to leave him and know he was not going to damage it

Pet Cage for our Puppy.
Louise Victoria, Australia  4/11/2007
We were looking to crate train our new baby, (Bonnie the Border Collie x Kelpie- VERY busy!!) this product was just the thing, she loves it. I had never tried crate training so I was a bit unsure if it would work and if this was the cage to pick. It is just what i wanted. We didn't want to clean up after her during the night by having her loose in the kitchen, she sleeps securely but takes a few nights to get used to it and we get up to take her out to have a wee as she won't wee in her bed, another great aspect- helping to house traing her as well. We got her the smallest one and will get a bigger one as she grows. There are two doors one on the front and one on the side; the lift up and slide handles add to the security and if you needed to, easy to put a padlock on. Lightweight and easy to move and fits on the back seat of our car. The tray on the bottom is easy to clean. Value for money. We would recommend this pet cage.

Crate for puppy training
Deb Victoria Australia  6/03/2006
After much thought decided to purchase a crate for puppy training. The new puppy was immediately introduced to the crate on arrival and within a few hours was voluntarily going into the crate. I have the security of knowing where the puppy is when I am not around and she has not used the crate for toilet purposes as described in books if one limits the space initially. After one day, it is worth its weight in gold.

An Excellent way to house train your Puppy!
Emma NSW/ Australia  18/09/2005
Crate Training is an excellent way to train your dog. We had our 5 month old puppy sleeping right through the night on the second night in her new home. She was house trained in 5 days! It keeps our furniture and our doggy safe when we are out and she loves it in there. Especially with her kong. This is a great product for small dogs.

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