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Flea Bomb
~ Fidos
Price: AU$18.90
This product is no longer a stock item
An insecticidal fogger which contains a combination of permethrin to kill adult fleas, and the long acting IGR methoprene, which prevents fleas from breeding for up to 9 months. A 125g can treats 2 average rooms (50m2) and controls all animal fleas in both commercial and domestic situations. Fleas spend most of their life off the dog, so this treatment is very important for effective control. Use in September and again in January to break the flea life cycle.
This product is a highly effective, easy to use formula containing ingredients which kill adult and pre-adult fleas before they mature, thus breaking the breeding cycle. There is no unpleasant residual, no sticky mess, and used as directed, will not stain furnishings.
Active Constituents: 5g/kg Permethrin 25:75, 1.5g/kg Methoprene
For the control of animal fleas in domestic and commercial premises for up to 9 months. Kills adult fleas (ctenocephalides spp) and prevents fleas from developing from the pupal stage.
125g aerosol insecticide fogger.
Due to the contents of this can, it is classified as a hazardous product for shipping. It is only available from our Moorabbin shop.

To view the MSDS on this Fido's product, click here.
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