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Puppy & Kitten Shampoo
~ Fidos
Price: AU$9.90

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Fido's Puppy and Kitten Shampoo is specially formulated for use on puppies, kittens, small domestic 'pocket' pets and cats and dogs with sensitive skin. It is based on a unique, soap free, pH balanced blend of gentle cleansing ingredients that washes your pet without stripping the oils from the coat and leaves your pet with a fresh, baby shampoo fragrance without drying or irritating the skin.
Formulated to be particularly suitable for use with long-term flea treatment products.
Directions for Use: To leave your pet looking, smelling, and feeling good, wet the coat thoroughly with warm water and apply the shampoo to several places. Work into a good lather and massage well into the coat. Rinse with clean water and dry thoroughly.
May be used in the hydrobath for great results at the rate of 30ml in a 30L tank.
This shampoo may be used weekly or more frequently, if needed.
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