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Green Lipped Mussel
Price: From AU$14.70
100g AU$14.70 
500g AU$66.15 
1kg AU$117.60 


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Product Alert: Beware of cheap processed green lipped mussels currently being dumped on the Australian market. This inferior product is oven/air cooked at high temperatures. The heat destroys the beneficial compounds that help in the inflammation relief this product is intended for. These cheap B Grade mussels also contain shell fragments, weed and sand.
Pet Wares Plus guarantee our mussels are A Grade. They are dried for nearly 60 hours in a unique dehydrator that uses a low temperature thus completely preserving the beneficial compounds in the mussel. There are no additives or preservatives whatsoever in our product.
Great treats that smell and look like oysters and have lots of good compounds to help ease the inflammation of arthritis in your cat or dog. Each dried mussel is approximately the size of a dollar coin in width.

Green Lipped Mussel treats are a healthy, highly nutritional alternative to other, everyday pet treats. The dehydration process extracts the water, only. It does not extract any nutritional or flavoursome properties of the treat. It actually gives the treat a higher concentration of flavour and nutritional components. There are no preservatives and no additives.
About the Green Lipped Mussel: Green Lipped Mussels are a protein food that is a good source of natural minerals and vitamins. These mussels have components with anti-inflammatory properties that inhibit the swelling caused by an increase in white blood cell accumulation at the site of joint damage. The components also prevent the promotion of pro-inflammatory substances. Green Lipped Mussels contain natural glycosaminoglycans, a family of complex protein-carbohydrate compounds of which some examples in nature are heparin as an anticoagulant, hyaluronate as a component in the synovial fluid lubricant in body joints, and chondroitins which can be found in connective tissues, cartilage and tendons. Glucosamine is also in the family of glycosaminoglycans.

100g contains approx 25-30 mussels.
Benefits of fishy treats:
  • Low in fat and high in omega 3 and 6 oils
  • High in protein
  • Ideal as training aids
  • Cleans tartar and plaque from pet's teeth
  • Helps with itchy, flaky skin conditions and improves coat health and appearance
  • Good for heart, circulation and joint health

    If your dog or cat has any of these problems, Green Lipped Mussel treats can benefit your pet:
  • Tooth plaque or tartar
  • Allergies
  • Wheat intolerance
  • Dry and itchy skin conditions
  • Poor, dull coat
  • Low energy
  • Obesity
  • Hip and other joint problems and inflammation
  • Digestive problems

    Macey, Sally and Bundy tested and highly recommended!
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    Product Reviews
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    Must be yummy
    Christie NSW Australia  13/02/2013
    My poodle x shih tzu puppy loves these. However my fussy chihuahua doesn''t. But that''s ok cause it means twice as muh for the poodle/shih tzu!

    Green Lipped Mussel
    Deb Queensland, Australia  1/12/2011
    My 14 year old Rotti cross was on medication for arthritis of the hips. After associated problems occurred from the medication we discontinued the medication & tried the Green Lipped Mussels together with the liquid Glucosamine (alternating am/pm.) Within a few days she was back to her old self looking and definitely feeling much better. She has not gone back to any medication and is happy, healthy and pain free.

    Grren Lipped Mussels ar elike healthy treats.
    sharon qld, Australia  5/11/2011
    My dogs don''t see the crunchy mussels as medicine or health goods, just very yummy treats. It is a bonus that they help my old dog move freely, he has arthritis and a major injury and has amazed vets with his recovery.

    Green Lipped Mussel
    Janet Australia  18/10/2011
    My 15 year old dog will not eat treats. Period. Except these. He needs something for his teeth and his joint pain and he eats these. I''m very happy.

    Green Lipped Mussels
    Sharon Sunny Queensland  7/07/2011
    My dogs love these and since they have been eating them ( approx 4 years) their coats have been amazing and the mobility of my injured and older dogs has improved immensely. When I hadn''t reordered for some time I noticed a very big difference with my older dog and within a few days he was up and about chasing the other dogs again.

    Green Lipped Mussels for Mattie
    Sharon Qld, Australia  24/11/2010
    I have been feeding Green lipped mussels to my older dogs for years now and up until recently when we sadly lost one of them, he was jumping around playing balllike a puppy. Mattie got run over in our yard and sustained severe damage so we upped his mussels intake and the vets are very surprised how he is going, he is healing well especially for an old dog and he gets around on 3 legs chasing the ball with the others. When we have not been able to afford more we have noticed a downhill slump so we now make sure we have plenty of stock on hand now.

    My Old Arthritic dog is more active
    Shane Vic  5/07/2010
    At 14 years old she was needing massage to get up in the morning, but she is much more active than when she was first surrendered to us. Now she chases a ball and scampers around like my 2 year old dog Ben. I''ve got to agree they stink though!

    Green Lipped Mussel
    Vally New South Wales  3/05/2010
    Wow they stink - but dog loves them.

    Grren lipped mussels help my dogs.
    sharon Qld, Autsralia  17/02/2010
    My dogs love the green lipped mussels and I do believe they are more agile when on them, they are both 12 yr old border collies.

    Green Lipped Mussel
    Claire Australia  30/07/2009
    I give my Cocker Spaniel one of these mussels each day and she loves them. She has been more energetic since I started her on the mussels 4 weeks ago. Great product.

    Training treats
    Gail NSW  17/06/2009
    A fried suggested i try this product as a traing treat as it is all natural and is low in fat which is what i am looking for. My dogs are much happier on non-processed foods and their skin and coats have never been better.

    Jenni Victoria  6/05/2009
    these are a great treat as well

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