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Cat Scratching Tree House Castle
Price: AU$75.00
  You Save: AU$23.00
This product is no longer a stock item
A tree house castle that's ideal for small cats and kittens. Unique design, the house sits at the top of the tree trunk and there are various platforms for climbing and perching. The entire post is covered with plush carpeting in greens and browns. The base is green to look like grass while the trunks are designed to look like tree trunks with uneven surfaces to resemble bark. The house at the top has a door and window and is an ideal hide-away for your kitty.
Dimensions: 50cm X 40cm Base x 98cm H
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tree house scratching pole
Anne Vic - Australia  27/06/2007
this is a great product that our cats love and it's soooo soft and warm for them..the price is a bargain as we looked around and saw the same poles in pet shops at a much higher price..your kitty will love this as much as you...